In May 2011, Complete Game Ministries was born to meet baseball players and coaches where they are at with the good news of the gospel.  Originally, this was accomplished as a local baseball ministry in Colorado. 

Inside of indoor baseball facilities all over the state, we would host Baseball Chapels that were comprised of a wiffleball game, time reading the Bible, which were then followed by a teaching of the scripture through the lens of baseball. 

We would also take baseball mission trips to the Dominican Republic where players and coaches from rivaling public high schools would travel together to play games, put on camps, visit orphanages and engage in group discipleship over their fall break. 

We also had a 16U travel team that traveled to Florida, Texas, and Georgia for the summer competing in national tournaments while engaging in team discipleship at every practice and every night in the hotels while traveling.  One of the highlights of that team was asking each team to pray with us after the #AroundTheMound (pictured above).  That team also ended their season with a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

After five years of trying to run all of these programs, we re-evaluated.  The difficulty with running baseball chapels, mission trips, and teams was the never-ending need for people to come to stuff, give stuff and do stuff in order to keep it afloat.  That’s when the board of directors realized the programs was how we did what we did, not what we do.  We redefined our "why." The real value in what we do is providing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Language of Baseball.  The best way to spread this sustainably is for baseball missionaries from different ministries to unify and engage in digital ministry.  We hope that through our website and mobile app, that you will be blessed by baseball-specific content from people who have dedicated their lives to ministering through baseball.